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Pero claro, Andy Tillison continuó permaneciendo un poco a la sombra, esta vez de un reconocido Roine Stolt que acaparaba la mayoría de miradas en The Tangent. Ahora, The Tangent dejan definitivamente de ser un proyecto entre prestigiosas personalidades del prog-rock, para convertirse en una banda en toda regla, entre otras cosas debido a la marcha de Stolt. Marcha que, no obstante, parece que augura una menor proyección del grupo, y un posible decaimiento en el interés general. Ahí estan las influencias de Van der Graaf Generator, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Pink Floyd, Brian Auger o los propios Flower Kings, entre otras bandas, pero convenientemente cubiertas por una fina y precisa capa de jazz de etiqueta. El fichaje del desconocido Krister Jonsson ha sido todo un acierto puesto que suple perfectamente a Stolt y demuestra un estilo similar como guitarrista. Creo que Andy desafina visiblemente. Tampoco es que sea grave porque la intensidad instrumental disimula bastante sus carencias vocales y a pesar de todo Andy no es un mal cantante ni mucho menos.

Summertime is the ideal time to play outside and have fun on outdoor adventures, but it s not so easy to find the right places if you live in a big city also considering the fact that the over outdoor sports facilities and swimming pools in Milan are usually overcrowded. Lots of public and private organizations usually hold interesting summer festivals inside the courtyards and cloisters of many historical buildings, such as music and cinema at the Sforza Castle, the Royal Palace, the Conservatory of Music, the Diocesan Museum and many others. This year, however, the Milanese summer will offer its best treats to children aged 5 to The new projects available in several city parks will be offering a lot of educational activities and workshops for kids to enjoy not only with their mums, dads, and siblings, but also with other children, including the disabled. These activities and their ergonomic features have been designed by several non-profit organizations that have been working together on the project: Associamento L Abilità, which supports families with disabled children; UILDM Milano, which is part of the Italian Muscular Dystrophy Association; Disabilities No Limits, which is the brainchild of the paralympic athlete and and metre-race Italian champion Giusy Versace; and Inter Campus, the international department of the famous Milanese equipe Inter set up to encourage children to play soccer. On a total of square metres of colourful antislip flooring, kids can now have fun on many new structures, such as Basket Young, Goal Panel, Pencil, Shawn, Shop, Merry-go-round and a Multi Xc03 Little House see the photo. On dedicated areas it will offer a series of activities and workshops designed to provide the adults of tomorrow with self-confidence and self-esteem, teaching them self-respect, respect for other people and for the environment. An absolute novelty for Italian and foreign boys and girls who speak English is the possibility in some workshops to communicate in English with native teachers of the ICS International School, the first Milanese school that offers an international study curriculum.

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